Welcome to the Security, Fire and Emergency Management Department! 

To say this is an innovative and entrepreneurial academic offering at John Jay College is a most apt description. In SFEM we see all sorts of academic initiatives that are on the cutting edge of our justice model.  First, the field of security studies and management takes on central importance preparing future graduates for careers in the fastest growing sector of the justice system- the private security system.  In a sense, private security is about the “private” side of justice operations- protecting people, assets, facilities and the world’s massive cyber infrastructure. In Security Management, we train future leader in nearly 26 distinct sectors of operation including but not limited to finance and banking, corporate and industrial, critical infrastructure, hospitals and educational facilities and energy, chemical and agriculture, to name a few. And this is true at both the undergraduate and graduate level where students are exposed to this rapidly expanding environment and the undeniable trend towards privatized justice services. Offering a BS in Security Management, an MS in Security Management and a MS in Protection Management, in both online and residential environments, SFEM at John Jay is a worldwide leader in security education.  In addition, the Department also offers a Minor in Security Management and newly erected Minors in Cybercrime and Homeland Security. The Department also sponsors two professional Centers that conduct research and engage the larger practitioner community, namely the Center for Private Security and Safety and the Security Leadership Society.

In Fire and Emergency Services and Fire Science, SFEM continues its longstanding and advanced preparation of undergraduates and graduate students in both fire and emergency services.  SFEM delivers a unique degree in Fire Science where majors analyze the mechanics of fire science such as hydraulics and pressure calculations as well as new and emerging technologies to fight fire.  In Fire and Emergency Services and Emergency Services Administration, the majors work on protocols, best practices and operational principles that are common to the emergency community, from planning and preparation from disasters, recovery and mitigation of same, emergency operations and dispatch and a host of other technical and operational concerns ever present in the emergency services.   As such, SFEM offers a BS in both Fire Science and Emergency Services and the Emergency Service Administration rubric.  On top of all this, Minors in Fire Science and Homeland Security are available to students all across John Jay.   The Department also sponsors the Christian Regenhard Center with is a research Center for all majors interested in these academic concepts.  Coupled with these initiatives are the Master’s in Protection Management which allows heavy specialization in Emergency Services, the MS in Emergency Management and the new Dual Master’s Degree in Protection Management and Public Administration.

By every measure this is a department on the move and we wholeheartedly welcome your participation.

All good wishes,


Charles P. Nemeth JD, PhD, LL.M