The Office of Accessibility Services offers a wide range of services designed to encourage independence and self advocacy and promote learning in an open and hospitable environment throughout the campus. These services are intended to allow qualified students to reach their education goals through the program's comprehensive support services. To learn how to define a disability click here.

Academic Adjustments/Accommodations

During the first two weeks of each semester, each student is required to meet with the Director of Services to complete an accommodations request form and to establish/ review appropriate academic adjustments and services for the semester. Each student is encouraged to notify his/her instructor(s)/ professor(s) of their special need(s) and appropriate academic adjustments for the classroom setting. For example, students may qualify for one or a combination of the following: extended time on tests, different testing strategies, tape recording class sessions, note takers, documented absences due to disability, etc. The Office of Accessibility Program will formally notify faculty of recommended accommodations, provided students give written authorization.

Accommodations and support services are based on students' documentation. Services include:


A reader records textbooks, articles and supplemental material on audio tapes or reads material aloud in the presence of the student. Reader's responsibilities include:

  • Operating a 4 track cassette/recorder or other recording devices
  • Reading aloud to students or an audio recorder
  • Reading Texts and describing related materials
  • Assisting students in meeting short term assignment due dates
  • Clarifying assignments and due dates with students adhering to the "Guidelines for Reading"

Sign Language Interpreting Services

Sign Language (SL) interpreters are available to translate lectures and discussions using (SL). Sign Language interpreters meet the specific standards developed by the National Registry for the Deaf.

  • Interpreting lectures, questions, answers, and conversation using gestures and
  • facial expressions to indicate inflection and tone emphasis

Note Takers

Take notes for students during class lectures. Note takers responsibilities include:

  • Communicating with faculty, instructors, and/or teaching assistants
  • Arrive to class on time
  • Writing or typing notes legibly


Noting any important directions and changes given to the class regarding assignments,
Locations of exams, changes in times or dates of classes; additions to or deletions from class
Schedules and special lectures

A Note Taker does not take the place of the student being in the class

Adaptive Computer Equipment
Assistive technology available through The Office of Accessibility Services includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Reading Systems
    Computer-based and stand-alone systems that read aloud scanned materials. PC's installed with Kurzweill 1000 and 3000 software, as well as a Reading Edge are available within our assistive technology lab
  • Computer Screen Reading Software
    A computer adaptation that speaks the contents of the computer screen and identifies graphic attributes found within Graphic User Interfaces. Jaws For Windows (JFW) is available for use within our assistive technology lab
  • Speech Recognition Systems
    Computer based systems used to operate a computer via spoken commands in place of a keyboard. A PC installed with Dragon Naturally Speaking Professional is available
  • Cassette Players/Recorders and Transcription Machines
    Both standard I(2-track) and Library of Congress (4-track) models are available for use withinour office or for loan

Additional Services

The following accommodations can be provided for students with sufficient supporting documentation. Specific accommodations will be discussed and approved on an individual basis with the student and the Director of the Office of Accessibility Services based on documented and current need.

• Individual Counseling

• Priority Registration

• Alternate Format

• Distraction Free Test Site


Appeal Process

Should you need to file an appeal regarding your accessibility services, please refer to following document for more information about the appeals process: Appeal Process - Student Disability Accommodations