Comprehensive Exam/Project Requirement

Comprehensive Exam/Project Requirement

All SFEM Graduate  programs require the completion of a Comprehensive Exam/Project as part of the degree requirements.
Only students who pursue the thesis track are exempt from the Comp requirement. 

While there have been distinct systems in place for online and residential programs, the faculty have unanimously approved the use of a scholarly term paper rather than an in-class administered essay question. Your measurement will be by whether or not you have achieved the requisite level of graduate scholarship in our discipline. The Comp paper responds to a distinct question and should be answered utilizing class materials and further academic resources.

The Comprehensive Exam/Project is offered once every fall and spring term. Announcements and the application form will be communicated through your John Jay Email within the first four weeks of each semester.

Students are eligible to take the Comp once they have earned 24 credits. We recommend to take the Comp in the semester prior to the semester of expected graduation. This allows to retake the Comp without delaying graduation. Failing the Comp in the semester of expected graduation not only delays graduation, but requires students to maintain matriculation after finishing the coursework.

Please see the current Comp Policy for more information.