Essential Career Skills

Essential Career Skills



College is more than just a series of classes taken as you make your way to the graduation stage. The full college experience includes a range of challenges and moments of learning, both inside the traditional classroom and throughout our community. For many of you, this kind of learning started long before you declared a major. These are the lessons you were taught by family, sports teams, part-time jobs, youth groups, and other influential people in your life. You have always been a growing, changing individual, and that growth will continue as you pursue new opportunities in your college years.

If knowledge is power, skill is an engine – channeling that power into energy you can use to move forward. At John Jay, we want to make sure you’re getting both the knowledge and the skills you need to reach the next level.

During your time here, you will focus on developing five essential skills for success: Leadership & Teamwork, Communication, Social Justice & Civility, Critical Thinking, and Healthy Living. 


Our John Jay College community has the opportunities and support to gain the essential skills needed to reach their potential in an ever-changing world.


Essential Skills assessments are learner-centered, fair, authentic, and performance-based. They result in a learning plan that enables the individual to obtain meaningful, sustainable employment.  The Essential Skills gap is targeted toward a specific skill set and is intended to support the individual’s move to meaningful and sustainable employment.