Export Control

Export Control

At John Jay, we are committed to maintaining an open teaching and research environment that supports the global benefit of our academic and research endeavors. At the same time, we adhere to the CUNY Export Control program and remain equally committed to complying with export control regulations pertaining to the conduct of our research and the dissemination of its products.

Export controls are United States laws that regulate the transfer of certain designated materials and technology to foreign persons both within and outside the United States and to other countries; a license from the federal government is necessary prior to such a transfer unless certain exclusions or exceptions apply.  The exchange of scientific information with researchers and administrators abroad, or with visiting scholars and researchers who visit CUNY, can trigger control requirements such as end user screening and export licensing.

Please refer to the CUNY website for full details and current information on CUNY's Export Control program and contact the John Jay Export Control Administrator for further guidance.

John Jay Export Control Administrator:

Eric Doering
Research and Legal Compliance Associate

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