Graduate SFEM Programs

Graduate SFEM Programs

Master of Science in
Emergency Management (Online)

The Master of Science in Emergency Management program prepares students for responsible positions and leadership in public, non-profit, and private organizations. The program includes preparing for, responding to, recovering from, and mitigating future losses from the broad range of threats including natural and public health hazards and man-made or technological events. The program includes courses in emerging technologies, legal and organizational frameworks, and necessary knowledge to design and implement effective programs to reduce the toll that disasters and other emergencies take on individuals, organizations, and society in complex urban environments. This program is consistent with the College's long-standing mission in public safety, and graduate emergency management courses already offered at the College.

See: MS EMT Program Checklist

Program Director:
Dr. Charles Jennings



NEW - Dual Degree Program:
Master of Public Administration and Master of Science (MPA/MS)
Public Policy and Protection Management

The MPA/MS dual-degree program in Public Policy and Protection Management offers qualified students the opportunity to earn a Master of Public Administration in Public Policy and Administration and a Master of Science in Protection Management, both specializing in Emergency Management. 

This dual-degree program prepares students for careers in organizations that plan, design, manage, evaluate and operate protection and emergency management systems. Graduates will be able to design programs and procedures for a variety of public, private, commercial and residential settings.

See: MPA/MS Program Checklist

Program Director:
Glenn Corbett and Dr. William Pammer


Master of Science in
Security Management (Online)

The Master's of Science in Security Management is a fully online degree directed at professionals in the private security, homeland security and aligned law enforcement communities.  The degree directs its chief purpose to the preparation and training of those who supervise, direct, manage and oversee security at a wide of settings including but not limited to critical infrastructure, federal, state and local agencies, facilities and entities, cultural and artistic centers, energy and power facilities as well a host of other locales.   The curricular emphasis is on the applied reality that private sector professionals face each and every day as well as research and evaluation of best practices in the industry.  Finally, the program recognizes the role and importance of public-private partnerships in the delivery of these and other aligned services. 

See: MS SEC Program Checklist

Program Director:
Dr. Alex Alexandrou