Office of Undergraduate Research

Office of Undergraduate Research

Welcome to the Office of Undergraduate Research!

The Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) exists to facilitate, promote, and support undergraduate students doing research with faculty members – whether you are just getting started or in the midst of a collaboration.  To find out what we do – and to find resources for students and faculty members – follow the links below. 

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It is our honor and pleasure to announce the winners of the 2015 OUR Summer Research Internships.

Erick Alonzo, mentored by Javier Osorio (Political Science)
Kenny Gonzalez, mentored by Elizabeth Jeglic (Psychology)
Gabriela Rico, mentored by Deryn Strange (Psychology)
Naomi Haber, mentored by Dara Byrne (Communication and Theatre Arts)
MG Robinson, mentored by Samantha Majic (Political Science)
Raheem Thomas, mentored by Charlotte Walker-Said (Africana Studies)

The 2014 Summer Research Internship Winners:

Hina Altaf, mentored by Susan Kang (Political Science)
Kerry Bialo, mentored by David Green (Sociology)
Yajaira Cabrera, mentored by Isabel Martinez (Latin American and Latina/o Studies)
Steven Ficurilli, mentored by Joshua Freilich (Criminal Justice)
Elvira Kirilinko, mentored by Jill Grosse-Fifer (Psychology)