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The Department of Africana Studies has three Minors 

  • Africana Studies Minor and Africana Studies Honors Minor

An Africana Studies Minor is an excellent complement to many of the majors offered by John Jay College. It provides a sound preparation for law school or graduate study. It is a stimulation and rewarding experience for those who want ot possess a deeper understanding of the African and African American experience. A minor in African American Studies can make a positive difference in your career and personal life. Students can focus on Africa or the African Diaspora in the United States, the Americas or the Caribbean. The Africana Studies Program offers an interdisciplinary approach to African American, Caribbean, and African histories, cultures and experiences.

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Africana Studies Minor


  • Community Justice Minor 

The Community Justice minor uses interdisciplinary analyses to expose students to different ways of thinking about and enacting community-based approaches to justice—including alternative justice strategies, community-based economic development, and community wellness, especially to address racial and economic inequity and the prison industrial complex. Students explore the development of legal, economic, social, educational and health alternatives at the local level to complement and/or transform traditional public safety strategies, and to strengthen the capacity of families, friends, and neighborhood groups to address root causes, resolve conflict and establish meaningful justice, peace, and community well-being.

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Community Justice Minor


Africana Studies General Education Courses

Flexible Core Course 

  • World Culture and Global Issues 

    • ​AFR 140 Introduction to Africana Studies 

    • AFR 263 Blacks in Latin America

  • U.S. Experience in it Diversity 

    • AFR 121 Africana Communities in U.S. 

    • AFR 125 Race & Ethnicity in America

    • AFR 224  African American Woemn in Art

  • Creative Expression 

    • AFR 132 Art& Culture in the African Diaspora 

    • AFR 241 Poetice Justice

  • Individual and Society 

    • AFR 243 Africana and Youth Social Justice Struggles 

  • Scientific World 

    • AFR 252 Race & Science 

College Option 

  • Justice and the Individual Courses

    • ​AFR 123 Justice, the Individual &Struggle in African America

  • Learning from the Past Courses

    • AFR 150 Origins of Contemporary Africa

    • AFR 204 Religion, Terrorism and Violence in the African World 

    • AFR 239 African American Journeys 

  • Communication 

    • AFR 135 Africana Oral Traditions 

  • Justice in Global Perspective 

    • AFR 315 Community-based Justice in Africana 

    • AFR 317 Enviromental Racism 

    • AFR 319 Self, Identity & Justice: Global Perpsective 

    • AFR 320 Perspectives on Justice in the Africana World 



Contact our Minor Advisors for additional question and concerns

C. Jama Adams, Ph.D
Minor Coordinator 
Dep: 212-237-8761
Office: 9.63.05 NB


Charlotte Walker-Said, Ph.D
Minor Coordinator  
Dep:  212-237-8758
Office: 9.63.07 NB