Department of Counseling & Human Services

Department of Counseling & Human Services

Share your heart,

Lend a hand,

 Make a difference in the world

Welcome to the Department of Counseling and Human Services!

The broader mission of the Department of Counseling and Human Services is to provide students with the basic skills, competencies, and practical experiences necessary to become competent and compassionate human services counselors, professionals, and social justice advocates. More specifically, it is our goal that every student who chooses our programs will find meaningful employment in careers where they will provide supportive counseling assistance and advocacy to individuals, families, and communities who are most disadvantaged, and underserved in society. We believe many students who decide to attend John Jay do so based on the college’s deep-rooted mission of public service and educating for justice, coupled with their strong desire to seek a professional career where they can “make a difference” in the lives of others. If this is you, our faculty is truly delighted that you are pursuing a career in the service of others, and encourages you to consider our Department’s major in Human Services and Community Justice, and/or participate in our Minor in Counseling, so that you are best prepared for this challenging and rewarding professional goal. Please peruse our web site and consider stopping by our Department’s office (8.65 NB) to make an appointment with a member of our faculty to discuss your academic and career plans. Your professional and personal growth is important to us, and we remain eager and ready to support you in this journey.