Exploitation and Resiliency Project

Exploitation and Resiliency Project

The Exploitation and Resiliency Project focuses on documenting and elevating the voices of the exploited and the vulnerable, highlighting their resiliency and perserverence through rigorous, empirically-based research. The ERP has a number of ongoing studies, primarily focused on human trafficking -- both labor and sex trafficking -- and, beyond that, on all types of violence against women and other types of victimization issues. 

The ERP is led by Dr. Meredith Dank, who has been a Research Professor at John Jay College since 2016. 

The Exploitation and Resiliency Project was launched at the 'Immigration Enforcement and Human Trafficking Under the Trump Administration' Forum, which took place at John Jay College on October 9, 2018. The recorded event can be found on the John Jay College Office for the Advacement of Research's YouTube channel, or you can watch the first video below.


Current ERP Research Projects: 

An Exploratory Study of Labor Trafficking Among U.S. Citizen Victims
Sponsor: U.S. Department of Justice - National Institute of Justice 

Measuring the Prevalence of Minors in the Adult Entertainment Sector and in Commercial Sexual Exploitation in Kathmandu 
Sponsor: The Freedom Fund

 An Outcomes Evaluation and Case Study of an Anti-Sex Trafficking Program in Bangalore, India 
Sponsor: UBS Optimus Foundation

Measuring Modern Slavery in the Indian States of Bihar and Utar Pradesh: Prevalence and Characteristics
Sponsor: The Freedom Fund via San Diego State University

Capturing Human Trafficking Victimization through Crime Reporting 
Sponsor: U.S. Department of Justice - National Institute of Justice 

Rutgers Violence Against Women Consortium
Sponsor: Rutgers University

Anti-Human Trafficking National Training and Technical Assistance Program for Law Enforcement Task Forces
Sponsor: U.S. Department of Justice - Bureau of Justice Assistance